Pixelventures’ Photo Finish – February 12, 2014

Hello World!

What a week it was…and seems that music had a certain effect!

Road Trip (Haiku) | Blog It or Lose It! came up with a beautiful post…accompanied as you see with a haiku!

(c) Blog it or Lose it

(c) Blog it or Lose it

happy energy /
gives wings to my snowy feet – /
simple joy in song //

This is just one of the wonderful photos and haiku which were submitted.  There’s also an explanation of this where this beautiful walk took place and several other photos of the trip itself and some great music!  An all around interesting post…go have a look!

Pot Bellied Hills | Travel with Intent came from Debbie…it’s a view of Lisbon and a couple of verses from the song: Beautiful South – Pretenders to the Throne!

(C) Travel With Intent

(C) Travel With Intent

Take a look at Debby’s post…and if you really want to be inspired with wanderlust…go look at some of her great travel photos…fantastic!

Music – The Universal Language | ROB’S REAL LIFE  by Rob!  The post opens with a magnificent photo of the pipe organ at the Basilica of Washington D.C. Then proceeds with a fantastic post dedicated to music from science fiction:

onwards through some interesting family history ending with some of planet’s history!  Go take a look at this great post a real joy as usual!

I also have a late entry to show you. This is for the January 28th prompt and it comes form myatheistlife entitled: The Past We Must Save!  Have a look:

hand made toy circa < 1950 (C) myatheistlife

hand made toy circa < 1950 (C) myatheistlife

It was not long ago
I saw my uncle for the last time
His bowling trophies on display
His anchor tattoo and charm


I cannot tell you he was an angel
He’d probably snort if I did
He didn’t try to save the world
He just lived the life he did

The poem which is really delightful continues and there’s another interesting shot of this doll!  Go have a look, you’ll enjoy it as well as this fine blog!

To conclude, Carolina or  HOLOHOLO Girls with  Whimsical Trance | Holoholo Girls came to visit again!


(C) Holoholo Girls

She took me at my word and sat back to listen to some great music…that you can hook up to from the post…when went out to take a photographic walk…around Hilo!  I’d say that is one magnificent sky!

Thanks folks for your wonderful participation….and hope to see you again next Wednesday!

Ciao Bastet!


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