Bastet’s Pixelventures: 4 February 2014

Hello World!

Seems just like yesterday that it was the 3rd of February…and it was!

Now, seriously, I’m here to try to find a great prompt to inspire you all to go and take a great photo(s) or snapshot(s).

Over the last week or so I’ve been looking a lot into Japanese culture especially Zen and Japanese music for example  the shakuhachi  or the Japanese flute.  Here’s an example:

But then, if you know anything me you won’t be surprised ;-)

But what does this have to do with a prompt…do I want you to listen to Japanese music…NAH!!! What I thought we’d try to do this week is:

Listen to  any form of music that you’re attracted to  trying  to find your inspiration (let’s make our Muse do a boogy or a waltz perhaps :-) ) and then my friends,  go on a picture-taking safari!  Show me what you came up with, perhaps accompanying the photo with an explanation or poem or the YouTube link of the music that inspired you.

Here’s my example.  I showed you a piece of Japanese music, and let’s imagine I now went out for a walk (in this case I let my fingers do the walking and found this photograph).  I listened to the music and looked at the photo and created a haibun, which I’ll call:

The Market Square


Strange how a Japanese flute comes to mind when I saw this plaza.  It’s the old market square, its name, like most of them in the north of Italy is: Piazza Delle Erbe or The Herbal Square.  They were named this I suppose because here was where the merchants brought their exotic spices and herbs to be sold.

Now, it’s just an empty square, not even a café adorns it. Christmas is long past, we’re getting ready for Carnival, and yet, the old Christmas decorations are still up. There’s a general feeling of neglect and abandon.

I can imagine though how this square would have been long ago.  The smells of the spices would have filled the air the crying of the vendors to attract clients would have been deafening! Oh and what colors;  the reds and browns the vibrant colors of the rich and the drab whites and greys of the poorer classes.  I can imagine the square being full  with the hustle and bustling of the people.

Now, all that is long gone.  Now it’s the silence that is almost deafening at this time of year.  The tourists are all gone, it’s cold, so very few people go out for a walk, but if they do, it wouldn’t be here because the square is shrouded in the shadows of the nearby buildings.

historical site
long-lost it’s identity
now cold and empty


As I said, I chose to write a haibun but you could write just a few lines stating the type of music that inspired  you as you look at the scene of your post or vice versa. Of course you may want to show me a series of photographs and fewer words!  Do what is more natural to you!

Have fun everyone and we’ll see you tomorrow for Pixelventures Photo Finish. Oh and don’t forget if you want to participate once you’ve created your post:

… please pingback to this post and/or use the tags Bastet’s Pixelventures and  WeDrinkInspiration. Please feel free to share, reblog, comment and participate!

Ciao  Bastet!

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