We Drink Inspiration Short Story Prompt #009 – Catching Phrases


Greetings and sorry for the lateness – sinus infections SUCK!

Anyhoo…. we all have our favorite catchphrases – whether it be from movies, TV, or even a favorite song. They fond their way into normal conversation more than we’d like to admit, and some can be just downright annoying (“Where’s the beef?” “Who let the dogs out?”).

So, this week’s challenge is to have your characters speak almost entirely in catchphrases – genre must either be fantasy or sci-fi, and that’s pretty much it on the “rules.”

I cannot wait to see what y’all come up this week, as we had some awesome showing from last week’s endeavor:

Remember to pingback to this post and/or use the tag #WeDrinkInspiration to have your works counted in next week’s results, but most importantly, let your Inspiration flow!

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