Is It Time For Another Seven-Day Story Challenge

Hereabouts, February is cold and wet and there are no distracting holidays.  It’s time to bundle up and get things done.  So, is it time for another Seven-Day Story Challenge?

For the uninitiated, for one week, I post a somewhat randomly selected word each day.  During the course of the week, your job is to write one story that incorporates each word in the order posted.  You should write each day, maybe 150-250 words, and make sure to include that day’s word in your efforts.  And, then stop, don’t write much more than that, don’t write to the end of the scene, the conversation, the chapter, pick a number of words you are going to write and stop at that number each day.  And then wait for the next day’s word to move your story forward.  And, at the end of the week, you have a short story that probably will look nothing like you thought it would when you started.

There may be a few other “rules” to follow or not, but that’s it in a nutshell.  It’s a seven-day story.  I’m thinking of this for the second week of February (starting on February 9).

You in?

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