Pixelventures’ Photo Finish! (January 29, 2014)

Hello World!

Here we are again, at the conclusion of another week of toil (dramatic enough for you all?).  And what a week it was!  I was very surprised to see some new faces which I’d really like to welcome warmly!

I asked you for surprises and surprises I got!!!

The first person to answer the challenge was:

Laura Bloomsbury at Tell Tale Therapy with her post ‘Reading Between The Lines‘…

hi_sky(c) Laura Bloomsbury

Hi in the sky

Well Hello there to you too
a 4th of July sky but it’s still only January
blue as the blues but not down
– or is it a prompt for the down and outs
the Homeless International
nudging consciences of the housed with
an interstellar hydrogen ion cloud
– reading contrails, conspiracies abound
as to the motif, inferring
state-funded health interference
in a  toxic high of chemicals
– but I just see a beautiful day
the Human Interface
of God in his heaven…

Lovely photo and love the embedded message.

Then Oliana Kim from Traces of Soul offered us: ‘StoodUp-Free Verse’

© Oliana, Whispering Insights

© Oliana, Whispering Insights

Years ago she wore this gown
the colour of immaculate snow
at the altar she waited around
far too long … he didn’t show.

She returned home, abashed, mortified,
she’d never been rejected, cast away,
like an old pair of slippers, oh, how she cried!
placing her gown in the clear wrap, she vowed
never ever to look at another man, in this life
“their loss” thought ,being so well endowed,
“No one will ever have me as their wife!”(…note the poem continues follow the link to read it all…)

A lovely photo and I really liked the story it inspired!

Canadian Travelbugs going through her archives came up with this surprising dreamlike photo…something to make one think of time travel:

(c) Canadian Travelbugs

(c) Canadian Travelbugs

Not everyday you can run into two people from the past and present playing chess!

Travels and Trifles by Tina Schell posted a surprising group of intereting photos…of bears:

bear-w-guy-copyI don’t know about you, but that is one surprise that would make me run!  Have a look at Tina’s post for more bear photos!

Debbie from Travel with Intent offered this surprising photo:

(c) Travel With Intent

(c) Travel With Intent

Scotland and China meet on the great wall…go have a peak and see what it’s all about!

Patchwork Ponderings sent this Surprise along:

(c) Patchwork Ponderings

(c) Patchwork Ponderings

The first longed for buds of spring!  Go have a peek…there’s more!

Blog it or Lose it in her post: ‘Under the Jade Vale‘ sent a photo of a treasure found by chance at an auction:

Angkor Wat: Fish and Crocs

Angkor Wat: Fish and Crocs

Under the jade veil /
a swirling storm of longing: /
gleaming, beckoning, /
fish vie for beast’s affection – /
sated, he declines with scorn //

For the full story, and an interesting story it is too,  follow the link!

With Blog it or Lose it I close this week’s Photo Finish…and now, have you seen this week’s Pixelventures?


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