Bastet’s Pixelventures: January 28, 2014

Hello World!

This week I came across oddly enough from many different directions the idea of abandonment.  For Friday Fictioneers January 24th challenge, Bjorne Rudberg offered the photo for the challenge (and I invite you to go and look at it, a true beauty) of a mountain farm situation which can be found throughout Europe and indeed the world…the land abandoned for urban affluence.

On January 25th Leanne Coles’ post entitled: Weekend Wanderings – Woomelang, Land Worth Saving was published. Leanne here caught the reality of a small Australian village that as so often happens, in time, is being abandoned as people move on where they can make an easier living.

I often find photos I’d like to use for either a story or poem, but I always feel a little shy asking. In this post though there is a photo of an old church in disuse that particularly interested me, and I mentioned it to Leanne, who has given me the permission to use it.

Churches are symbols, whether someone is a follower of a religion or not, of belief, of hope and transcendence…a temple of course would have done…like Angkor Wat :-) .

I could imagine the congregation a few decades in the past, gathered of a Sunday morning singing hymns, dressed in their special Sunday clothes.  Perhaps flowers on the alter and a children’s choir.  This morning, following Kerouac’s suggestion, I wrote an “off the top of my head” poem inspired by this church…and a friend :-)

Local disused church - Woomelang, Australia

Local disused church – Woomelang, Australia

 Faithfully standing,
leaning and swaying a bit.

In need of a mending…
yes, a bit dilapidated
in ruin and corrugated.

a symbol of belief,
carefully cultivated,
in a distant youth
with glorious
song and pomp!

Now just memories
in need of a
patching up
or a conversion.

Some bright new idea,
an inspiration,
would lend new energy
and purposeful meaning
to your life.

Here’s to you, my friend
who’s celebrated
your 72nd year
of life.


Prompt: What I’m looking for this week is a photo ( from your phone or camera will do), or perhaps a poetic image (maybe even a bit of flash fiction) or drawing, of an “abandoned past”… an old house, a ghost town,  maybe a bicycle on a curb, or some object that attracts your eye as being worth while saving like a wooden cradle.  In a word show me something worth saving.

P.S. if you should wish to use Leanne’s photo, please be sure to leave proper attribution by providing a link to her page and not only here to Pixelventures… thanks!

*If you choose to participate in this prompt, please pingback to this post and/or use the tags Bastet’s Pixelventures and  WeDrinkInspiration. Please feel free to share, reblog, comment and participate!

See you tomorrow with Pixelventures: Photo Finish!  Ciao.

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29 responses to “Bastet’s Pixelventures: January 28, 2014

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  2. I looked through the photos and couldn`t find what I was looking for although I had so many ideas of what is important and should be saved. History and Culture come to mind… as we become more global and interconnected with technolgy I think we are starting to forget some national identity and brands define us more than history. It is a big debate of why change is good, but alternatively why history is also important. We care about things, but will the next generation… are they then destinted to repeat the same mistakes?
    I just wrote another post about our recent trip to Camboia and that could fit your theme… it needs to be saved. As I wrote there is a balance there to preserve the ancient temples, but to allow the trees to take root and provide the unique atmosphere. Without the trees it wouldn`t be the same. Allow too much then all is destroyed.
    Please check out the post to read and see more…

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