Some Things I’m Cooking Up… Contests and Such with Actual Prizes…

My friends, I’m feeling pretty generous these days. 

I haven’t the foggiest idea why, but it’s not for me to question. 

I’ve thought of something.  You see, I have somewhere in the neighborhood of an extra $100/month just to randomly spend.  Now, I thought about blowing this extra hundred at the casino because, well, I like to gamble.  Blu says that I should do something better with my money, though.

You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you all of this.  Are you?  If you are, come close, and I will tell you.

I’ve decided that, instead of giving my money to people who, in general, couldn’t care whether or not I end up on the street after they bank on all my hopes and dreams and leave me with nothing, I will use this money to do one of the things I most enjoy.

“What’s that, Sahm?  You gonna eat buckets and buckets of ice cream to smother your woes?  You gonna rent a paintball gun and pay a visit to that one guy who keeps driving through your neighborhood at midnight playing his music as loudly as possible from his Suburban?  You gonna paint the town red with the blood of your enemies?”

My…  That escalated quickly…

No, my friends.  What I would like to do is host two contests per month – a Poetry contest and an Art contest (art being anything in the realm of photography, painting, drawing, sculpting, that sort of thing).  Now, I’d like to try this on a trial basis for about three months or so.  I’d like to do this for two reasons.  First reason, to test out my own consistency (mostly because Blu is always on my ass about my lack of said consistency).  Second reason, to gauge interest in such a thing.

I’m not done planning this all out yet, but will be by 1 February, at which point I’ll probably kick this off.  I’ll let you all know then how I will go about determining the winners for each contest.  What I’m interested now are your thoughts.

Are monthly Poetry and Art contests good ideas?  Are these something that you’d all be interested in? 


Please, speak your minds as vociferously as you’d like, reblog this post, tell your friends or any artists you know, and show me your worst.

Thank you all in advance!

44 responses to “Some Things I’m Cooking Up… Contests and Such with Actual Prizes…

  1. you know you have my support in all you do,
    though I am more inconsistent than you,
    i’ll reblog your poetry winners if you send me a link
    and lift a glass here at ‘we drink…’

  2. I’d be in…the prompt / “contest” that Elena used to do was a boatload of fun. The combination of a prompt, and the “prize” of recognition as winner, entry in the year-end runoff for “poet of the year” was a big incentive, and pulled some really wonderful work out of the lot of us. I have to admit, being of Appalachian ethnicity, I feel uneasy taking money, even as a pirze, from someone I know when the contest itself is already such a boon to me and my writing. Yeah – we’re that weird. What about this Karma-builder of a community idea…instead of an out and out prize, maybe the winner could choose the charity to which the prize is donated? We could be like the celebrities on those competition cooking shows. Would that meet your alterior motives while building a sense of fun and community? …Just a random brainwave between cups of coffee. Luv to all. R.

  3. Well, if only I wrote more poetry or other artistic pursuits.

    This definitely sounds like something worth pursuing though. Good luck. It’s interesting how a lot of us writer/blogger types are starting to come up with these idea. Between Jayde’s effort, Papi’s publishing efforts, your idea here, and an idea I’m letting percolate for a bit.

    I’m thinking, by the way, that I may run a Seven Day Story Challenge in February. Does that remain consistent with your mission here at WDBWP?

    • Hell, it’s always worth a try. I like Jayde’s efforts. And Oloriel’s. Sreejit is doing some pretty good stuff, too.

      Dude, your challenge is still in line with the We Drink mission. I’d just ask you to make sure you don’t do it the last week of February. Otherwise, do it at your leisure.

  4. This is awesome. I could also suggest some other things if you are interested, tho I don’t know how gracious you want to get (regarding your time mostly, not the money )
    I think this is great idea and would love to support you in any way I can and if you need me to.

    • I’m always interested in suggestions. In fact, I might need to hit you up and Jayde Ashe. You two have those lit mags going. I’m wondering how can involve lit mags. If you have ideas, I won’t promise to act on anything, but I’m all ears. :)

      • Regarding the magazine, biggest help is submitting for it and spreading the word :)
        As for the contests and all, if that gets boring or whatever, I would maybe offer people help with publishing their first books and stuff like that. I am talking money help here, if I had extra money each month (not even extra, if I had a job, any job!) this is definitely what I would do. I know this sounds a bit lame or there are dushebriznici ( use google translate, ye caring readers!) who would stone me for that and call it waste of money while there are more imprtoant things in the world, but I am so damn tired of watching people not publishing anything because none wants to help them in any way and because of price intimidation where people are led to believe you need to invest 3k euros and your book will only then be good. I am also sad some people really don;t even have 5 dollars to invest in it, and it is their dream. I feel like a big noisy ugly machine is chewing on all of us.
        Sorry,this feels like a random trail of thoughts more then it looks like a tangible advice :D
        But I do like your idea and as you can see, I’m ready to help :D

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